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January 18, 2012 02:50 AM EST

January 10th, 2012 Meeting

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Carolina Beach Inlet Association
January 10th, 2012 Meeting


Call of Order:
Attendance: Skippy, Mike Britt, Tommy Sayre, Robert Schoonmaker, Andrea Walker, Toms Marine, Dean Lambreth, Carl Snow, Shane Snow, John Brantley, Mark Miller, Jay Hutchinson, Phil.
Budget: In checking 1698.00
               In money market 1120.00
Reading of minutes:
Mike Britt reported he signed up 6 new members.
Carl made the motion we sign up members no matter what the date or cost.
Mike Britt makes the motion that from the month you join, your membership is good until that month the following year.
Everyone voted and agreed on membership change.
Mike Britt makes a motion to get a secretary to help with the everyday operation of the Association. The rate is $10.00 and her name is Laurie Wammack.
Everyone voted and agreed to hire Laurie as Secretary.
Skippy states that all the NC inlets need to be open. The NC ferry system needs to take over the dredge. We need to recontact Mrs. Hamilton align with the other legislators about keeping the inlets open. We need to change Current laws through all legislators to keep all inlets open on the NC coast.
Mike Britt states all charter captains on the entire NC coast are in the same shape we are. They need to get on board to help with the inlet situation.
Mike Suggest we meet with Mrs. Hamilton again, Carolyn Justice, Mike McIntyre, and Tom Goolsby.
Tom of Toms Marine suggests we have our annual meeting in June. We could use the Got-em on for membership drive. Tom Russell does the computer work and mailing list.
Contact Max at the Fisherman’s post for memberships in other marinas, and possible article. Ask Fisherman’s post for Captains to Contact.
Mike Britt says he will line up Mike McIntyre for a Meeting.
Mike Britt and Skippy make a motion to buy a tape recorder.
Everyone votes and agrees.
Skippy agreed to contact channel 6 about the Coast Guard report they did an article on. The link in the report was dead-ended.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:25pm.

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