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February 06, 2012 07:29 PM EST

CB Inlet Association Minutes

Feb 2, 2012

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CB Inlet Association Minutes

Feb 2, 2012



·       Meeting called to order.

·       Mrs. Justice said she would set up a meeting for us with Bill Owens and Mr. Wainwright.

·       We have until May to reach all representatives, May is when they go back in session.  She suggested we invite everyone in the House/Senate to come to Carolina Beach, stay at an area hotel and go on a boat ride aboard the Winner Queen.

·       She is going to a meeting for Mr. McComas and herself to speak with the Speaker of the House. 

·       She suggested we get letters of support from Louis Daniels (Director of DMF – Division of Marine Fisheries) and Gordon Myers (head of NC Wildlife Commission).  Carl Snow said he will contact Louise Daniels. 

·       She recommends that we contact Secretary of Commerce Mr. Crisco. 

·       We need to get an email campaign going, she suggested the Recreational Fishing Association.  Dave Tilley will be helping with this on 

·       The meeting was held in a loose format.  It was a great question and answer session.  Mrs. Justice gave us a world of information and her opinions on what works the best at getting the attention of fellow politicians’.

·       Meeting was adjourned.

·       Thanks to all who attended and participated. 

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